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Organic farming is an agricultural method aimed at producing food with natural substances and processes. This means less environmental impact, a responsible use of resources such as water and energy and an aid to the conservation of biodiversity and regional ecological balances.In order to bring reliable organic products to Tuscany and the world that respect traditional recipes at the same time, Scapigliati is committed to continuous improvement of procurement processes and development of specific processes to bake first-class organic biscuits.


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PGI Cantuccini, also known as “Cantucci”, are typical Tuscan dry biscuits. Scapigliati Cantuccini are made with the best ingredients, without milk according to the family traditional recipe. Simple and genuine ingredients make the taste of Scapigliati Cantuccini unique and it contains: wheat flour, sugar, whole unpeeled almonds, eggs, butter, honey, vanilla and a pinch of Volterra salt.

In 1926 Dante Scapigliati opened his pastry shop in Florence, thanks to his expertise in the art of baking biscuits and pastries. He gained his experience during the years spent at the “Digerini e Marinai” pastry shop.

Due to the growing biscuit demand, Dante’s son, Giorgio, had to work on finding a way to both maintain the quality of the products and meet the needs of higher demands. He achieved this goal by designing machineries that exactly reproduced the “manual way of making”.

In the 1970s Biscottificio Scapigliati soon became a well-known producer of Cantuccini in Tuscany. Thanks to new machineries, Giorgio Scapigliati was able to develop greater production capacity, while maintaining artisanal quality of products. Thus, the company acquired new customers also on the large- scale retail channel both in Italy and abroad.

Ne dorim să împărtășim cu iubitorii de savori fine emoții culinare, inspirate de veritabilii artizani ai pământului, care își respectă originile și tradițiile.


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